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Myopia and Noah

Did you know that myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is one of top five causes of preventable blindness in the world, ranking behind cataract and glaucoma? Getting thicker glasses every year is not enough to prevent further vision loss.
Dr Nguyen knows this well because he has been specializing in treating myopia since 2015 when his son Noah was born. He decided to become an expert in myopia management so that when the time comes, he can effectively treat Noah. Now, Dr Nguyen is successfully keeping myopia at bay for Noah and hundreds of other kids.
If your child’s glasses keep getting thicker and thicker every year, more actions are needed to keep their eyes healthier and prevent further vision loss. Give us a call today or click the button below to schedule an appointment so we can help.

What exactly is myopia?

Myopia is commonly known as nearsightedness even though the two terms are not entirely interchangeable. To put it simply, myopia is a progressive disease that causes nearsightedness, resulting in blurry vision when one looks far away. Progressive myopia is the most common reason for thicker glasses every years in adolescents and young adults.
Currently myopia affects about 30% of the world’s population. More recent research has suggested that nearly half of the world population may be myopic by 2050, and 10% of the world’s population will be suffer from high myopia.
Fortunately, with advanced technology and a deeper understanding of the diease, myopia now can be controlled to avoid rapid vision deterioration, especially between the age of 8 and 15 years.

"In other words, your child’s nearsightedness keep getting worse year over year because his or her eyeballs grew too long too fast"

There are multiple methods that we use in our myopia management clinic to control or slow down myopia, including the popular customized Night Lens aka Ortho K, atropine, multifocal contacts lenses, and Misight Dailies Contact lenses.

What is Misight?

MySight is the only FDA approved daily contact lens for controlling myopia progression in children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old at the initiation of treatment. MiSight contact lens is manufactured by CooperVision, Inc, one of the BIG FOUR contact lens manufacturers in the world. MiSight contact lens is a single use, daily disposable soft contact lens that is meant to be thrown away at the end of each day. MiSight contact lenses are not to be worn overnight unlike Ortho K lenses.

How effective is MiSight in controlling myopia?

The first phase of the MiSight study was three years randomized control clinical trial. The results showed that MiSight slowed down myopia progression by 52% as measured by the gold standard of axial length. You may think 52% reduction in myopia progression is not enough, and you would be correct. But every 1 diopter (4 steps of change) increase in myopia increases lifetime risk of myopia maculopathy by 67%. On the flip side, every 1 diopter reduction of myopia reduces lifetime risk of myopic maculopathy by 40%. Myopic maculopathy is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world, which is caused by you guessed it, high myopia.
How does MiSight works?
MiSight Contact lens works by using two concentric treatments rings (dark purple rings in the diagram) on the peripheral part of the lens. These two rings focus the income light in front of the retina (back of the eye), triggering a optical myopia control mechanism of the eye.

How long  can a child wear MiSight?

In the MiSight study, the children wore the lenses for a minimum of six days a week and 10 hours a day, with the effectiveness of 52%reduction in myopia progression.
How do I know if my child would benefit from MiSight one day contact lens?
Researchers have shown that our children are likely to progresses once they become nearsighted. Therefore, our children are likely to benefit from the MiSight technology, and the sooner we start the more affective the myopia control effect will be. However, both child and parent we need to be fully committed and engaged with the idea of wearing contact lenses and the wearing schedule.
At our Myopia Treatment Center, we always present multiple options to our patients depending on specifics of the cases. Using advanced technology, we measured the front surfaces of the eye called the cornea together with the length of the eyeballs called the axial lengths , then we evaluation the data to see if there are risk of myopia progression with the parents, then a decision would be reached regarding specific options. The Night Lens aka Ortho-K is usually the preferred option by all parties involved.
How Do I know if MiSight or Ortho-K is working for my child?
At our clinic, we monitor myopia progression in our little patients using axial length measurement. Axial length measurement is the gold standard in myopia management. For most peoples, the length of their eye balls are anywhere between 22.00 to 25.00 mm. When the eyeball grow longer, myopia has gotten worse and more aggressive treatment is warranted.
Who can fit MiSight contact lenses?
In order to fit MiSight contact lens, eye doctors who specializes in myopia management go through additional rigorous certification courses before they can be qualified to fit and dispense MiSight. In addition, they would need to have the tool of the trade, namely to measure the axial length of the eye (the length of the eyeball from front to back) and a corneal topography. Without these important technologies, it is harder, though not impossible, to manage myopia progression accurately.


Jaclyn D

This an overdue review for Dr. Nguyen and his wonderful staff. Always very friendly, courteous and professional. I always try to get my exam yearly due to a lot of working on the computer and my eyes get quite a workout; Dr. Nguyen and his staff, David, are always so helpful and their recommendations are on spot. Definitely would recommends for friends and family members.

Alyssa Moore

Such a great experience! Everyone was so nice and the appointment was quick but thorough. My contact lenses came in after a week and they texted me to let me know I could pick them up. Highly recommend!

William Kirk Beja

The staff is very friendly, and the facility is so clean. Dr Nguyen is very passionate with his work and I really appreciate him taking care of me during my visit. Definitely will be recommending to my friends and family!

Renata Vieira

I’ve been seeing Dr. Nguyen for 2 years and he is THE BEST! Even after relocating from SD to OC, I refuse to see anyone else but Dr. Nguyen and the crew at Clairemont Optometry. I trust them with my eyes closed!!!

Megan Bishop

Thank you Dr. Nguyen & Team for caring for my eyes! I am happy to have found a local place, a great atmosphere with caring professionals.

Thomas Gunter

Dr. Bruce Nguyen and all of the staff at Clairemont Optometry are great at providing a very comprehensive eye exam in a friendly way. Dr. Bruce Nguyen is very helpful when explaining anything about your eye exam. The office is very nice, and they have lots of styles of frames to choose from if you're looking for glasses. I highly recommend them if you need your eyes checked and want to work with people who are very helpful and friendly.

Brian Downum

Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Being my first optometry exam, Dr. Nguyen spent plenty of time explaining to me eye health and how it pertains to someone of my age and my concerns. Highly recommend this clinic.

shivani dave

Highly recommend this place for your eyewear/eye exam. The staff is very friendly, have a wide range of frames available. Pretty much accepts major insurances. So far the best experience with eye exam, doctor gave very detailed explanation about the eye reports and other precautionary measures.

Lynn Crawford

As usual, excellent all the way around. From my usual visits, I brought my 7yo for his 1st eye exam and Dr. Nguyen was awesome. He was quick and explained everything to my son in kid terms and my son is excited to get his reading glasses. We will be back! Never a complaint. 😊

Katy McCowen

Dr. Nguyen really knows his stuff! He helped me understand all of the tests and what they are for. I didn't know I needed an eye exam every year even if my eyesight is good. They also take my insurance and his staff got me computer glasses fast. Highly recommend.

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