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What is Ortho-K?


Ortho-K cornea molding, also known as Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), is a non-surgical option that helps correct nearsightedness without the daytime use of contacts or glasses. CRT lenses are worn at night, and correct the curvature of the cornea while sleeping so you can see clearly during the day without the need to wear glasses or contacts.

Benefits of Ortho-K Treatment

Treat Your Vision Overnight !
Wake Up with Clear Vision !!
No More Glasses or Daytime Contacts !!!

Is my child a good candidate for Ortho-K Treatment?

Your child may be a good candidate for Ortho-K lenses if your child has ANY of the followings:

  • Your child is nearsighted and currently wears glasses
  • Your child prescription numbers keep going up higher every year.
  • Your child experiences eye strain or headaches as a result of nearsightedness.
  • Your child’s glasses are getting in the way of him reaching his full potential in sport and after-school activities.

Am I a good candidate for Ortho-K myself?

There are millions of Ortho-K lenses wearers worldwide and about one-third of them are adults over 18 years old. You may be a good candidates for Ortho-K lenses if you have any of the followings:

  • Your contacts or glasses get in the way of your lifestyle and activities, such as sports, exercise, or swimming.
  • You are unable to wear contacts due to dry eyes or allergies
  • You find daytime contacts irritating or uncomfortable
  • -You work in an environment that is not well suited to wearing contacts or glasses, such as one that is dusty, wet, or windy.
  • -You are not a good candidate for or have a child too young for LASIK.

What to Expect with Ortho-K Treatment

At your first complimentary consultation, Dr. Nguyen will examine your eyes thoroughly to see if you’re a qualified candidate for Ortho-K treatment. Using the most advanced computer-imaging tool to map your corneas, Dr. Nguyen will determine whether you’re a good canditate for spherical Ortho-K lenses, or if Astigmatism Ortho-K lenses is a better fit for you, or if you will be best treated with eye drops medications. Click the Learn More button for more information


Dr Bruce Nguyen, O.D. specializes in hard-to-fit contact lenses, especially contact lenses for pediatric population with lenses such as Ortho-K ( CRT) lenses. Other types of challenging contact lenses he fits weekly at his practice are scleral lenses for keratoconus patients, progressive contact lenses for patients who do not want to wear readers, hybrid contact lenses for patients with high amount of astigmatism, hard contacts, and of course, soft contact lenses.


Jaclyn D

This an overdue review for Dr. Nguyen and his wonderful staff. Always very friendly, courteous and professional. I always try to get my exam yearly due to a lot of working on the computer and my eyes get quite a workout; Dr. Nguyen and his staff, David, are always so helpful and their recommendations are on spot. Definitely would recommends for friends and family members.

Alyssa Moore

Such a great experience! Everyone was so nice and the appointment was quick but thorough. My contact lenses came in after a week and they texted me to let me know I could pick them up. Highly recommend!

William Kirk Beja

The staff is very friendly, and the facility is so clean. Dr Nguyen is very passionate with his work and I really appreciate him taking care of me during my visit. Definitely will be recommending to my friends and family!

Renata Vieira

I’ve been seeing Dr. Nguyen for 2 years and he is THE BEST! Even after relocating from SD to OC, I refuse to see anyone else but Dr. Nguyen and the crew at Clairemont Optometry. I trust them with my eyes closed!!!

Megan Bishop

Thank you Dr. Nguyen & Team for caring for my eyes! I am happy to have found a local place, a great atmosphere with caring professionals.

Thomas Gunter

Dr. Bruce Nguyen and all of the staff at Clairemont Optometry are great at providing a very comprehensive eye exam in a friendly way. Dr. Bruce Nguyen is very helpful when explaining anything about your eye exam. The office is very nice, and they have lots of styles of frames to choose from if you're looking for glasses. I highly recommend them if you need your eyes checked and want to work with people who are very helpful and friendly.

Brian Downum

Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Being my first optometry exam, Dr. Nguyen spent plenty of time explaining to me eye health and how it pertains to someone of my age and my concerns. Highly recommend this clinic.

shivani dave

Highly recommend this place for your eyewear/eye exam. The staff is very friendly, have a wide range of frames available. Pretty much accepts major insurances. So far the best experience with eye exam, doctor gave very detailed explanation about the eye reports and other precautionary measures.

Lynn Crawford

As usual, excellent all the way around. From my usual visits, I brought my 7yo for his 1st eye exam and Dr. Nguyen was awesome. He was quick and explained everything to my son in kid terms and my son is excited to get his reading glasses. We will be back! Never a complaint. 😊

Katy McCowen

Dr. Nguyen really knows his stuff! He helped me understand all of the tests and what they are for. I didn't know I needed an eye exam every year even if my eyesight is good. They also take my insurance and his staff got me computer glasses fast. Highly recommend.

"My experience with the eye treatment I received is awe-inspiring. I am grateful for the great help from the eye doctor and assistant staff. Their patience and inspiring words were the push I need, thank you greatly."

Noe, first time Ortho-K wearer!

"Great service. Dr. Bruce is very good and we are happy with the service"

Harris (parent of pictured patient, Keshavi). Our little patient has been wearing Ortho-K lenses successfully for 2 years now!

"I had a wonderful experience at Clairemont Optometry. Dr. Bruce and all the staff are friendly and accommodating. I would recommend to anyone looking for optometry care."

Stacey, first time Ortho-K wearer!

"I am currently using Ortho-k based on the recommendations from Dr. Nguyen. These contacts have been working really well for me(...). When I put them on my vision gets near perfect the next day (eyes may vary from person to person). The front desk receptionists are really kind and helpful and one had the patience to be really encouraging while I was trying to wear the contacts for the first time."

Sally, first time Ortho-K wearer!
Meet other patients Dr. Nguyen has successfully fitted in Ortho-K lenses!
Lauren, Alexis, & younger sister

Want to learn more about Ortho-K lenses?

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